West Wind Review 2009 [SOLD OUT]

SOLD OUT West Wind Review 2009

Featuring Shane Allison, Stan Apps, Brandon Brown, Andrew Felsinger, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Drew Gardner, Noah Eli Gordon, Carol Guess, Jen Hofer, Meg Hurtado, Kevin Killian, Jim Klein, William Knight, Jennifer Knox, Michael Magee, Catherine Meng, Mel Nichols, Lanny Quarles, Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert, Kaia Sand, Brandon Shimoda, Sandra Simonds, Rod Smith, Rhoads Stevens, Gary Sullivan, Dawn Sueoka, Nico Vassilakis, Alli Warren, Eddie Watkins, David Watson, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Elisabeth Workman, and Grzegorz Wróblewski

Editor: Lacey Hunter
Faculty Editor: K. Silem Mohammad
128 pp.

Talking's Money

there's a hole in my pocket
but I'm talking with my mouth
the speech goes out into the arena
where sometimes it wields clubs
and sometimes tingles (in a good way)

most often it returns to me transformed
face to face with my own speech
in the form of ghoulishly melted
ore from the earth. What it says
I strain to hear. The sewer inside my neck
spits like a dog's mouth but it wipes
off clean, easy, shining.