West Wind Review 2016

West Wind Review 2016 now available!

Featuring work by Shane Allison, Christine Andrada, Billy Cancel, Yuan Changming, Adelaide Crapsey, Iris Cushing, gin hart, DJ Huppatz, Lucy Ives, Joel Katelnikoff, Adam J Maynard, Ed Miller, Feliz Lucia Molina, Sam Moon-Wainwright, Jessy Randall, Brooke Michelle Robison, Kathleen Rooney, JJ Rowan, G David Schwartz, Nicole Taylor, Andrew Terhune, & Mike Young.

Changming Yuan

This Is Not a Microphone Gaffe

After my election, I have more flexibility
To deal with liars like Netanyahu on a
Daily basis, to put up with the hair of that
Bigoted woman, to show my admiration
Of Moshe for raping ten employees of
His office, to crucify all the major league
Assholes and cabinet bastards, to outlaw
Russian forever, to get rid of our debts
By killing all Chinese on earth and
Even more important perhaps, to learn
The lessons about when the microphone is
On, and when it is off like right now

Go to hell, all you fucking idiot voters
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