West Wind Review 2013 Now Only $8.00

West Wind Review 2013 now available! NOW ONLY $8.00!

Featuring work by Harold Abramowitz, Shane Allison, Clarissa Ames, Brian Ang, Rae Armantrout, Anselm Berrigan, Benjamin Bourlier, Arlo Brooks, James Brubaker, Marie Buck, John F. Buckley and Martin Ott, Lisa Cattrone, Tiffany Denman, Carly Eichhorn, Phil Estes & Andrew Terhune, Brad Flis, Kristen Gallagher, Drew Gardner, Spencer Golub & David Hancock, Anne Gorrick, Dan Gutstein, Zack Haber, Diana Hamilton, Gavin Hollingsworth, Paul Hoover, J. H. Johns, Jason Joyce, Josef Kaplan, Just Kibbe, Yume Kim, Sue Landers, Jason Lester, fran├žois luong, Shawn Maddey, Matt Margo, Carl Martin, Adam J Maynard, Marcus Pactor, Jon Pearson, Vanessa Place, Lanny Quarles, Jessy Randall, Cory Rohr, Carl Schlachte, Barry Schwabsky, Tim Shaner, Murray Silverstein, Janey Smith, Rachel Springer, Sampson Starkweather, Jamey Strathman, Mark Stricker, Christina Strong & Mitch Highfill, Dawn Akemi Sueoka, Gary Sullivan, Nicole Taylor, J. Jean Teed & Sarah Cook, Jeff Tigchelaar, and Elisabeth Workman.

Rachel Springer
Does your tree have a leaf that’s simple? If foliage is a needle, there’s work, and then there’s work. There’s a peach, juicy and oh so cheap. I couldn’t help myself, I let you in, major projection, leaf entire … fingers unevenly balanced, palmately, pinnately. There’s a compound leaf, star shaped, angular. Ah, the major ashes, walnut, butternut, pecan, mulberry, sassafras! Sickle-shaped, lobed or unlobed. With If Yes, there’s grinding coffee, and there’s whoring. OR, OR, OR. Are all your needles linear? See teeth visible under lens. Look, two white lines. (What do they mean?) Whether you gesture here or there affects me, and how hard. Branches bear spur-like fascicles, tiny flowers. We are berrylike, bluish, toothed around the margins, smooth along the veins. We are elliptical, oblong, glaucous with bloomy cones. With suction cups, diamond cross-sections, what the fuck? If so, you probably have a larch. You probably have a cedar! If so, a juniper. A pine. You most probably have an elm.

Editor: Stephanie Wehe
Faculty Editor: K. Silem Mohammad

208 pp.
$8.00 + $1.00 s&h


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