West Wind Review 2019

West Wind Review 2019 now available!

Featuring work by Robert Arellano, Arlo Brooks, Leslie Bumstead, Brandon Downing, Patrick Durgin, Cathy Eisenhower, Nada Gordon, Lindsay Cora Hart, Douglas Kearney, Nate Logan, Z Kennedy Lopez, Amy Miller, Kyle Adam Kalev Peets, Lanny Quarles, Brooke Michelle Robison, Daniel Riddle Rodriguez, Abbigail N. Rosewood, JJ Rowan, Sean Schaeffer, Molly Spear, Chris Stroffolino, Christina Strong, & Bronwen Tate.

Amy Miller


The senators will not be seen. A soldier
should appear as having been beaten.
On his left hip, keys. Two handguns

for the guards. The whip should be
as short as possible. Instead
of the previously discussed rifles, a box

on the window sill with instructions
inside, an armed chair, a small silver
automatic pistol. We will not need

the gun to fire. Please add a cloak
that can be pulled off easily. Please add
a place on his person. Reminder:

We do not need the senators.

Found poem from rehearsal notes for Timon of Athens.

104 pp.
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West Wind Review 2016

West Wind Review 2016 now available!

Featuring work by Shane Allison, Christine Andrada, Billy Cancel, Yuan Changming, Adelaide Crapsey, Iris Cushing, gin hart, DJ Huppatz, Lucy Ives, Joel Katelnikoff, Adam J Maynard, Ed Miller, Feliz Lucia Molina, Sam Moon-Wainwright, Jessy Randall, Brooke Michelle Robison, Kathleen Rooney, JJ Rowan, G David Schwartz, Nicole Taylor, Andrew Terhune, & Mike Young.

Changming Yuan

This Is Not a Microphone Gaffe

After my election, I have more flexibility
To deal with liars like Netanyahu on a
Daily basis, to put up with the hair of that
Bigoted woman, to show my admiration
Of Moshe for raping ten employees of
His office, to crucify all the major league
Assholes and cabinet bastards, to outlaw
Russian forever, to get rid of our debts
By killing all Chinese on earth and
Even more important perhaps, to learn
The lessons about when the microphone is
On, and when it is off like right now

Go to hell, all you fucking idiot voters
80 pp.
$8.00 + $1.00 s&h

West Wind Review 2014

West Wind Review 2014 now available!

Featuring work by Shane Allison, Nathan Austin, Wiley Birkhofer, Nicholas Bon, Brandon Brown, Maurice Burford, Susan Calvillo, Sarah Cook, Mark Cunningham, Boona Daroom, Carolyn DeCarlo & Jackson Nieuwland, Donald Dunbar, kevin macpherson eckhoff, Jesse Eells-Adams, Phil Estes, Raymond Farr, Timothy Furstnau, Kenneth Goldsmith, Laura Goldstein, Zack Haber, Gavin Hollingsworth, Janis Butler Holm, Gary Howard, Zeke Hudson, D.J. Huppatz, Mark Francis Johnson, Jared Joseph, Jennifer L. Knox, Nilu Karimi, William Hammond Knight, Mat Laporte, Carrie Lorig, Kenny MacLellan, Adam J Maynard, mcha9@westnet.com.au, James Meetze, Christopher Mulrooney, T.A. Noonan, Fani Papageorgiou, Hai-Dang Phan, Sam Pittman, Jessy Randall, Jacob Reber, Camilo Roldán, Paul Siegell, Jeff Tigchelaar, Ben Tripp, James Wagner, Maya Weeks, JDA Winslow, and Michael C. Zito.

Jeff Tigchelaar

Sinead O'Connor

Don't go calling her
a one-hit wonder.
She had a ton
of incredible songs, and one
just happened to be
even though it was a Prince cover.

Sinead also had a great set of
principles. She ripped up
a picture of the Pope on live TV--
a screw-you to the Vatican
for its handling of abuses.

She shaved her head and wore billowing blouses
as if to say Focus on my music, assholes.

Editor: Lindsay Rose Moore
Senior Editors: K. Silem Mohammad & Craig Wright

176 pp.
$8.00 + $1.00 s&h

West Wind Review 2013 Now Only $8.00

West Wind Review 2013 now available! NOW ONLY $8.00!

Featuring work by Harold Abramowitz, Shane Allison, Clarissa Ames, Brian Ang, Rae Armantrout, Anselm Berrigan, Benjamin Bourlier, Arlo Brooks, James Brubaker, Marie Buck, John F. Buckley and Martin Ott, Lisa Cattrone, Tiffany Denman, Carly Eichhorn, Phil Estes & Andrew Terhune, Brad Flis, Kristen Gallagher, Drew Gardner, Spencer Golub & David Hancock, Anne Gorrick, Dan Gutstein, Zack Haber, Diana Hamilton, Gavin Hollingsworth, Paul Hoover, J. H. Johns, Jason Joyce, Josef Kaplan, Just Kibbe, Yume Kim, Sue Landers, Jason Lester, françois luong, Shawn Maddey, Matt Margo, Carl Martin, Adam J Maynard, Marcus Pactor, Jon Pearson, Vanessa Place, Lanny Quarles, Jessy Randall, Cory Rohr, Carl Schlachte, Barry Schwabsky, Tim Shaner, Murray Silverstein, Janey Smith, Rachel Springer, Sampson Starkweather, Jamey Strathman, Mark Stricker, Christina Strong & Mitch Highfill, Dawn Akemi Sueoka, Gary Sullivan, Nicole Taylor, J. Jean Teed & Sarah Cook, Jeff Tigchelaar, and Elisabeth Workman.

Rachel Springer
Does your tree have a leaf that’s simple? If foliage is a needle, there’s work, and then there’s work. There’s a peach, juicy and oh so cheap. I couldn’t help myself, I let you in, major projection, leaf entire … fingers unevenly balanced, palmately, pinnately. There’s a compound leaf, star shaped, angular. Ah, the major ashes, walnut, butternut, pecan, mulberry, sassafras! Sickle-shaped, lobed or unlobed. With If Yes, there’s grinding coffee, and there’s whoring. OR, OR, OR. Are all your needles linear? See teeth visible under lens. Look, two white lines. (What do they mean?) Whether you gesture here or there affects me, and how hard. Branches bear spur-like fascicles, tiny flowers. We are berrylike, bluish, toothed around the margins, smooth along the veins. We are elliptical, oblong, glaucous with bloomy cones. With suction cups, diamond cross-sections, what the fuck? If so, you probably have a larch. You probably have a cedar! If so, a juniper. A pine. You most probably have an elm.

Editor: Stephanie Wehe
Faculty Editor: K. Silem Mohammad

208 pp.
$8.00 + $1.00 s&h

West Wind Review 2012 Now Only $8.00!

West Wind Review 2012 is now ONLY $8.00!


Scott Abels, Amanda Ackerman, Shane Allison, Bruce Andrews, Brian Ang, Rae Armantrout, Nathan Austin, Maurice Burford, Allen Edwin Butt, Susan Calvillo, Sylvia Chan, Heather Christle, Rita Dahl, Tiffany Denman, Heather Dubrow, Andrew Durbin, Phil Estes, Nava Fader, Farrah Field, Shaun Gannon, K. Lorraine Graham, Lauren Hilger, Sean Patrick Hill, Gavin Hollingsworth, Janis Butler Holm, Tiffany Denman, DJ Huppatz, Megan Kaminski, Jacqueline Kari,Adam Katz, Nicholas Katzban, Tao Lin, Patricia Lockwood, Travis Macdonald, Kendra Malone, Matt Margo, Adam J Maynard, Adam Moorad, Chris Moran, Eileen Myles, Mel Nichols, Jessy Randall, Megan Ronan, Jess Rowan, Sarah Sarai, Estee Schwartz, Jamie Sharpe, Ara Shirinyan, Jesse Tangen-Mills, Andrew Terhune, KC Wilder

Editor: Zeke Hudson
Faculty Editor: K. Silem Mohammad

180 pp.
Now only $8.00 (+$1.00 s&h)

Bruce Andrews


when you can’t have it all / after all / finders keepers / we swallowed it / better stop /double-click / neon clit // between the not yet // & you promised / a could be heart / anybody // don’t you always want too much // turn in your freedom / & / or / stop inside time / teeter-totter // fill me up / iffy now / under oops // get used to no me // shut up about / in the nick of / action replay / it hurts to understand // signal lost / because I hope / shock the shock / any friends / I for I // hittin’ it / & quittin’ it // give me a hand / below the belt / without the world // careful what you wish for // trip to the penalty box // reshuffle & // the enemy of my enemy... is // home is your homicide // my brain is killing me // it wasn’t normal / nothing can not happen / your mouth is on // pinball time / nice fat target / synapse / twist-off / nothing matters

Emergent Forms: Coolidge, Bernheimer, Downing

Emergent Forms: A 21st-Century Reading Series

three poets

author of A Book Beginning What and Ending Away

author of The Spoonlight Institute

author of Mellow Actions

Wednesday, February 19th
Schneider Museum of Art
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, Oregon

free & open to the public
($5 donation suggested)

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Lollapaganza 2012

The Third Annual West Wind Review/Emergent Forms LOLLAPAGANZA New Writing Festival

7–9pm Friday June 1 and 1–5pm Saturday June 2

Schneider Museum of Art
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR

featuring a mob of writers from nearby and all over, including Bobby Arellano, Allison Cobb, Tim Shaner, Jen Coleman, Craig Wright, Sue Landers, Bill Gholson, Meg Hurtado, Susan Calvillo, Kyle Peets, Sarah Cunningham, Rodney Koeneke, K. Silem Mohammad, Micah Freeman, Ryan Bradley, Zeke Hudson, and Steve Roggenbuck (list subject to sudden modification).