West Wind Review 2012 Now Only $8.00!

West Wind Review 2012 is now ONLY $8.00!


Scott Abels, Amanda Ackerman, Shane Allison, Bruce Andrews, Brian Ang, Rae Armantrout, Nathan Austin, Maurice Burford, Allen Edwin Butt, Susan Calvillo, Sylvia Chan, Heather Christle, Rita Dahl, Tiffany Denman, Heather Dubrow, Andrew Durbin, Phil Estes, Nava Fader, Farrah Field, Shaun Gannon, K. Lorraine Graham, Lauren Hilger, Sean Patrick Hill, Gavin Hollingsworth, Janis Butler Holm, Tiffany Denman, DJ Huppatz, Megan Kaminski, Jacqueline Kari,Adam Katz, Nicholas Katzban, Tao Lin, Patricia Lockwood, Travis Macdonald, Kendra Malone, Matt Margo, Adam J Maynard, Adam Moorad, Chris Moran, Eileen Myles, Mel Nichols, Jessy Randall, Megan Ronan, Jess Rowan, Sarah Sarai, Estee Schwartz, Jamie Sharpe, Ara Shirinyan, Jesse Tangen-Mills, Andrew Terhune, KC Wilder

Editor: Zeke Hudson
Faculty Editor: K. Silem Mohammad

180 pp.
Now only $8.00 (+$1.00 s&h)

Bruce Andrews


when you can’t have it all / after all / finders keepers / we swallowed it / better stop /double-click / neon clit // between the not yet // & you promised / a could be heart / anybody // don’t you always want too much // turn in your freedom / & / or / stop inside time / teeter-totter // fill me up / iffy now / under oops // get used to no me // shut up about / in the nick of / action replay / it hurts to understand // signal lost / because I hope / shock the shock / any friends / I for I // hittin’ it / & quittin’ it // give me a hand / below the belt / without the world // careful what you wish for // trip to the penalty box // reshuffle & // the enemy of my enemy... is // home is your homicide // my brain is killing me // it wasn’t normal / nothing can not happen / your mouth is on // pinball time / nice fat target / synapse / twist-off / nothing matters

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